As the ol’ saying goes, a man is only as good as his tools. We hand pick each of the tools we use to service our clients and implement in our clients’ businesses to achieve maximum efficiencies and ease of use that will free up your time focus on the issues that matter.

We understand that there is a lot of software to choose from, it is generally time consuming to set-up and there never seems to be the right moment as there is always more pressing issues to attend to. This is where we come in. Allow us to implement the tools of trade that can take your business to the next level or simply turn a nasty piece of manual labour to a seamless task that takes care of itself.

indiana advisory

willpartner WITH your business to ensure you are:

  • Using the most fit for purpose accounting and other software to support your business
  • Not performing labour intensive manual tasks that carry unnecessary risks and keep you or your partner up all night
  • Getting the best bang for your buck in your software suite
  • Immersed in a completely paperless environment in the cloud


It really is beautiful accounting. Initial set-up, conversion from other accounting software, integration with add-ons and the list goes on…

Business Software Consulting

Helping you find the right software for your business that will talk to your accounting system incl. POS, Inventory, Payroll and more.

Payroll Automation

Automation of payroll for small businesses with Tanda or Deputy incl. employee onboarding and automated compliance with Fair Work Awards.

Invoicing and Payments Set-Up

Professional invoices that allow your customers to pay using an array of payment services such as Visa or Mastercard, PayPal, Direct Debit or Digital Wallet.

Our clients success makes it all worth it

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