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If you manage a restaurant, bar, or café, you’ll know that between coordinating bookings, overseeing staff, and ensuring top-notch customer service, your plate is already full without the added stress of handling your business accounting. That's why we're here.

Specialising in the hospitality industry, our small business accountants are perfectly placed to manage your finances, so you can concentrate on delivering exceptional experiences to your customers.

Hospitality know-how meets financial expertise…

Get tailored business support

In the busy world of hospitality, personalised business support can be the secret sauce that elevates your establishment. As industry experts, our small business accountants will help your business thrive with tailored advice and strategies.

Simplify taxation and compliance

Swap tax headaches and compliance confusion with a simple outsourced solution that makes the entire process stress-free. Our proactive approach lets you know exactly how much tax you’ll need to pay in advance, so you can plan accordingly.

Easily manage payroll

Managing staff, contractors and payroll can be a time-consuming and complex process. Our hospitality experts are here to make it easy, providing you with all the support you need to ensure accurate and timely payments to your team.

Maximise profitability

We’ll put you on the path to increased profitability with our specialised financial insights for the hospitality sector. From reducing costs and tracking expenses to maximising revenue, our team is here to help you boost your bottom line.

Streamline your operations

When it comes to hospitality success, efficiency is key. We’ll help you streamline your operations across the board, so you can boost efficiency and productivity, simplify your financial operations, and focus on keeping your customers happy.

Plan for the future

Future-proof your business with our forward-thinking strategies. Drawing on our proven expertise in the hospitality industry, we’ll support and guide you towards your goals, so you can run a five-star business that stays out in front.
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We’ll manage your finances, while you manage your hospitality business.

By teaming up with an accounting firm that understands the intricacies of the hospitality sector, you’ll benefit from tailored support that meets the specific needs of your business.

What’s more, partnering with Indiana Advisory is a surefire way to save on the countless hours you’re currently spending on taxes, accounting and bookkeeping.

More time to devote to what matters and your finances all taken care of? We think it’s a win-win!


Partner with Indiana Advisory and get more peace of mind…

Industry experts

Small business specialists

ATO compliant

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Your Small Business Accountant for the Hospitality Industry.

From tracking expenses to managing payroll, handling the financial aspects of your hospitality business can take up far more time than you’d like – time that’s better spent on more important things. Let us lighten the load by taking accounting off your plate.

Accounting Services for the Hospitality Sector

With a proven track record of supporting hospitality businesses with results-boosting accounting solutions, we’re here to give you more time and more peace of mind.

Hospitality Sector Business Advisory

Get customised support from a team that truly understands the hospitality industry. From strategic planning to streamlined finances, we’re here to assist, any time you need us.

Hospitality Tax Accountants

No more struggling to figure out your taxes or racing against the clock to lodge on time. With Indiana Advisory, your taxes are all taken care of.

Accounting Software for the Hospitality Industry

Simplify your day-to-day financial tasks and save precious time. As Xero Silver partners, we’ll help you leverage industry-leading software to drive your business forward.

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