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In the competitive world of health and fitness, having the right business support can give you the extra strength you need to succeed. From physios to chiros, gyms to recovery centres, we specialise in helping small businesses in the health and fitness industry save time, money and stress with our tailored accounting support.

We help you feel a lot better about your business finances…

Take control of your taxes

If time-consuming tax filing is getting you down, we’re here to help. Our health care tax specialists will take care of all things tax-related, including letting you know in advance how much you’ll need to pay.

Improve your financial health

Give your business a healthy boost with our expert financial advice and targeted support. As specialists in the health care industry, we can help you increase profitability, reduce costs, and strategise for the future.

Simplify contractor management

Swap complex contractor management tasks with streamlined automated processes. We’ll take the hassle out of managing your contractors, so you can meet your obligations without breaking a sweat.

Gain valuable insights

Get the visibility you need into how your health and fitness business is performing, with easy-to-understand reports and regular performance updates. Equipped with these insights, you can make smarter business decisions.

Grow your business

Strengthen your market position and improve your business health, with expert advice from our health and fitness industry specialists. We can offer tailored support and advice that helps you grow, scale, and confidently reach your goals.
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We’ll keep an eye on your finances, so you can stay focused on your business.

Operating a business in the health and fitness industry comes with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. By partnering with an accounting firm that understands the nuances of your sector, you get the benefit of support that’s tailored to your industry.

Best of all, outsourcing your accounting to an industry specialist like Indiana Advisory means you no longer have to spend countless hours dealing with taxes and bookkeeping tasks. And what you choose to do with all that extra time is entirely up to you!


Partner with Indiana Advisory and get more peace of mind…

Industry experts

Small business specialists

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Your Small Business Accountant for the Health and Fitness Industry.

From tracking expenses to managing payroll, staying on top of your health care accounting can be a time-consuming task that’s fraught with complexity. Why not give yourself a break and let us take care of it?

Accounting Services for Health and Fitness Businesses 

We specialise in health care accounting, helping you take control of your finances and save valuable time in the process.

Health and Fitness Business Advisory

Get tailored business support from our health and fitness industry specialists. From strategy to efficiency gains, we’ll keep your business and your bottom line healthy.

Health and Fitness Tax Accountants

Let’s face it – taxes are complicated. We take away the confusion and make it simple to stay on top of your tax obligations, so you never have any nasty surprises.

Accounting Software for the Health and Fitness Industry

Streamlined software that makes day-to-day gym accounting easier than ever. As Xero Silver partners, we can empower your health care business with better software that drives better results.

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